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Welcome to Smartwater Testing!

Watch Our Explainer Video
Watch our Explainer Video
Watch Our Explainer Video

About Legionella Testing with Smartwater

What’s in the kit?

Sterile, plastic sample bottles


Easy to follow instructions (no specialist knowledge required)


Free courier* collection bag for completed sample delivery to our laboratory


* residential properties will receive a FREE postal return bag

What happens to my samples when I return them to you?

Each kit has a unique number enabling it to be tracked throughout the testing process


All samples are tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory


The samples are cultured in the laboratory for 10 days


Results are analysed and a Certificate is issued

Follow our simple steps to make sure that you order the correct kit for the job.


Step 1: Calculate how many hot water taps and showers you have in the building/test area?


Step 2: Enter this number in our Calculator and click Calculate.


Step 3: Our website automatically calculates the number of sample bottles required in your Kit. Click Add to Cart and Checkout. Simple!.