What is Legionella Testing?

Legionella testing, tests water systems for Legionella which is a bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s Disease – a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Anyone who is responsible for water systems will be responsible for Legionella testing, for example, a landlord or a business owner.


How often should you test hot water for Legionella?


Guidance on how frequently you should test for Legionella changed in 2013 and now advises that risk assessments should be carried out to determine when the water system should be tested. If any of the risks listed below are present, you should test for Legionella as frequently as once per week, until the risk decreases and confidence in the system is regained.

According to the HSE, Legionella testing on water systems should be carried out in the following situations:

    • ·If the temperature of water is not always maintained (hot water should be stored at 60° or higher).

    • ·If the people using the water have increased susceptibility to infection, for example, in elderly care homes.

    • ·If the water system has had any changes to it.

    • ·If the control regime in place is inefficient. If this is the case, weekly Legionella Water Testing should be carried out, as well as a thorough review of the whole system.

    • ·Where another high risk has been identified.


Landlords and employers are legally required to carry out water testing when their property features hot or cold-water systems and/or wet cooling systems. It is normal for systems to have low levels of Legionella bacteria present, so measuring the colony count checks if it is at a safe level.


How to test hot water for Legionella


The easiest way to test water for Legionella is by using a water Testing Kit from Smartwater Testing.


The kit includes full instructions as well as everything else you will need.


After receiving your Testing Kit, you will need to collect the samples in the bottle(s) provided. Once the bottles are filled, they should be sent back to the lab as soon as possible, for our scientists to complete the testing. A free courier will collect the sample and can be booked by emailing us or by going to www.smartwatertesting.co.uk/bookacollection. If you prefer, we can also provide a Freepost bag that you can simply drop off at a local Post Office.


It takes 10 days for Legionella samples to be cultured in our laboratory, which is registered with the UK Accreditation Service, and follows strict guidelines set by the HSE.


You’ll get your verified results as quickly as possible – around 14 days after collection of the samples.


You’ll receive a Certificate to state your premises are Legionella-free if the tests are clear. If they’re not, we can pass your results to water treatment specialists who can provide advice and assist you with getting your premises free of infection.



Expert Legionella Testing solutions

If you would like to find out more about Legionella Testing, contact the team at Smartwater Testing. Full discretion is assured, whatever the test results show up and although we only provide a test and report service, we do work with water treatment specialists. With your permission, we can forward your test results to them for their advice and recommendations. Get in touch to find out more and order your Testing Kit online today.