Spa pools and hot tubs are increasingly popular for those looking for the ultimate in relaxation. They unfortunately pose quite a high risk of carrying bacteria that can lead to infectious diseases, including Legionella which causes Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ symptoms usually include fever, chills and other flu-like symptoms, as well as pneumonia. It can cause potentially life-threatening risk, particularly in those who are weaker.

Those responsible for the management of spa pools and similar facilities should read up on advice and guidance from the Health and Safety Executive.


Why is Legionella in spa pools and hot tubs?

Legionella is found naturally in water and can be harmless as long as the quantity is low. The temperature that Legionella can grow and multiply within is typically between 20°C and 45°C which makes spa pools a natural breeding ground for the bacteria.

The water in these types of pools usually forms a lot of water droplets as it is jetted around for a ‘massaging’ effect. This means it is easier for people to inhale the bacteria within the increased number of water droplets.

Another issue is that dead skin cells and other bacteria within the pool can encourage further bacteria growth as they are a food source for Legionella. Usually the water in hot tubs is not changed after each use, which makes it more likely to breed bacteria.

Protection from Legionella in spa pools and hot tubs

When it comes to protection and preventing Legionnaires’ disease, there are several things you can do, whether you are a commercial owner of a spa pool/ hot tub or you have one in your home.

A tip for hot tubs that are not flushed out after every use is to keep a lid on top of the tub to reduce the chance of debris and dirt getting inside it when not in use.

Make sure that you maintain the right amount of disinfectant and correct pH levels. A competent person should be responsible for regular testing and adjusting the dosage of chemicals as and when required.


How to test for Legionella in spa pools and hot tubs

You should test your pool or tub frequently to monitor the levels of Legionella bacteria and check that they are deemed safe. You can test water in spa pools and hot tubs in a simple, efficient way by using a Water Testing Kit from Smartwater Testing.

The kit can be ordered online and will be sent to you promptly. Once you have received it, you will need to collect the samples in the bottle(s) provided. After this, the samples should be sent back to the lab as soon as possible, so that our scientists can complete the testing process.

Just email us or visit to book a free courier to send the samples. We can also provide a Freepost bag that you can drop off at a local Post Office to send the samples back. 

Legionella samples are cultured in our laboratory which takes 10 days. Our laboratory is registered with the UK Accreditation Service, and follows strict guidelines set by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

You’ll get your verified results as quickly as possible – around 14 days after collection of the samples.

If the tests are clear, you’ll receive a Certificate to state your spa/hot tub is Legionella-free. If they’re not, we can pass your results to water treatment specialists who can provide advice and assist you with getting your spa/hot tub free of infection.


Expert Legionella Testing solutions

If you would like to find out more about Legionella Testing, contact the team at Smartwater Testing. Full discretion is assured, whatever the test results show up and although we only provide a test and report service, we do work with water treatment specialists. With your permission, we can forward your test results to them for their advice and recommendations. Get in touch to find out more and order your Testing Kit online today.